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Look Fabulous

Try to make an outfit work for you. Accessory gives a lift to our appearance. It makes the outfit more personalized, and gives the person a touch of certain personality. It can make a whole new look from a simple clothing, with a sense of personal touch and style. Some people has a rule of matching the shoes with the shirt, but what’s impressive is if you can make the belt, bracelet, bag, or any head gear to work out all together to come up in one package with a sense of style. Accessorizing is also putting something that best represents your personality. An outfit can make you look professional, fun, sophisticated, cool, smart, sexy and more.

My personal favorite is a cuff link. It is so small yet can make a big statement – it’s really cool! What makes it even better is that you can put initials to be engraved on the cuff links to make it more personalized.

Having a good pair of sun glasses can make you look glamorous. Choose the style that suits the shape of your face best. Wearing sun glasses is not only a protection from the ultra violet rays. It’s also a good way to make you feel like a celebrity. Celebrities usually have sun glasses in public. Don’t they?

How about sophistical designed neckties? You can get a professional yet stylish attire by choosing your own style. There are lots to choose from, it’s a matter of mix and match to get it all right. Spice up your professional style.

Wear a watch, and wear something that suits you. For example: sporty, classy, fun etc. It is a necessity to know the time, and a watch also makes you look well-dressed.

A belt is also a must, especially with a very fashionable belt in chrome that shines. It all depends on your sense of style. A belt is important to make your whole outfit look better.

Try a hat, it is also good for covering your hair when you are not in a mood to style or comb it. Choose the one that goes well with the shape of your face.

And lastly for the shoes, chose something that is simple but unique. It is a must for men to have at least two colors of leather shoes that is brown and black.