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Some Details Men Fashion

Belt is to hold up your pants from falling but that isn’t the only purpose. Avoid tucking in your shirt without a belt unless it’s a beltless dress pants. Avoid wearing brown belts with black slacks. Just like you have seasonal jackets and sweaters you should also have seasonal belts that you shouldn’t be wearing year round.

Don’t do too much and look like a rapper on MTV but don’t skip out on the accessories because you can actually look naked without them. When wearing a nice dress shirt, put on a matching cufflink. When wearing a v-neck shirt or wearing a shirt casually by leaving the top 2 buttons opened put on a simple necklace that kicks your attire up a gear. When deciding to wear a watch stay away from bracelets. As I mentioned about the belt, a watch is made to check the time but that’s shouldn’t be its sole purpose. You should allow it to flow and match and make the same statement your entire attire is making. It should tell a story and all the little parts have to make sense. Don’t have one universal watch that you bought from big 5 and wear it with all of your attire, but switch it up to look casual, sporty and classic at each according time. Your watch shouldn’t’ t be like your wedding ring that you have on at all times, but you should be able to switch it up in time to time.

It’s no longer the 90’s so stop using your gel or mouse to spike up your hair to show that shinny empty spot in your head but use wax to style your hair into your own personal style. The great thing about wax is that you can never have a bad hair day because you can always fix it any time of the day just by looking at the mirror.